Honeywell AT140A1000 General Purpose Transformer


SKU: AT140A1000

Honeywell general purpose transformer AT140A1000

Provides power to 24 vac circuits in heating/cooling control systems. Intended for use in systems with predictable, uniform loads. Can be used in any application the does not exceed to listed ratings.

  • Primary 120 vac
  • Secondary 27 v.o.c.
  • Output 24 vac @40 va
  • Primary 9″ lead wire
  • Secondary 2 screw terminals
  • Mounting: Foot mounted, plate mounted on 2 x 4 in. or 4 x 4 in. outlet box, clamp mounted using outlet box knockout, or panel mounted.
  • Includes: Metal end bells.
  • Dimensions approximate: 3-3/16″ high x 2-3/8″ wide x 3-1/8″ deep